6 Great Watersport Accessories For 2024   

Looking back at the year’s trends among watersports communities, it is clear which accessories are certain to become 2024’s most popular. So, whether you’re looking to equip yourself with the most exciting equipment on the water or want to give a great gift to an outdoorsy friend, here are six items that will be next year’s most popular purchases.

Sustainable Rash Guard

Rash vests, or rash guards, are a widely used accessory among many watersports communities, offering comfort and protection for the upper body in warmer waters. Recent trends, however, have put sustainability at the forefront of people’s minds, especially those who spend time by the sea since they are likely to care about plastic pollution.

This is why rash guards made from recycled plastic are increasingly popular, being a stylish and celebrated accessory that can now also be a symbol of helping the environment.

Dog Buoyancy Aid

With over two-thirds of American households having a dog, making them the most popular pet in the US, it is increasingly common to see four-legged friends brought along on outdoor adventures. As such, dog buoyancy aids are trending with many individuals wanting to enjoy the water with their companions and keep their dogs safe on the water.

Tail Pad

You may have spotted rubber pads appearing on the back of surf and paddleboards. They are simply a stylish addition but play a significant practical role, helping boarders to increase their grip on the board. They’re useful for beginners to help them find their feet but tail pads really shine when being used by more experienced boarders, helping to push performance even further and with greater safety.

Tow Float Rucksack

Two indispensable accessories have been merged to make one brilliant piece of equipment. Now, swimmers can keep their belongings safe and dry when swimming, doubling their cargo as a tow float safety asset. Not only is this useful for those who don’t want to leave valuables on a public beach but it’s also a great invention for those that want to swim in hidden coves.

Changing Mat Bags

Another clever combination that is becoming ever more popular is the fusion of changing mats and carry bags. This simple design allows watersports enthusiasts to bring their belongings along in a waterproof mat that can then be unfolded by the water and used as a comfortable and dry changing mat, keeping sand out of the equation.

Portable Motor

While it may seem controversial to some, portable motors, those that can be quickly attached to kayaks and paddleboards, are becoming popular. These compact devices allow for gentle and controlled momentum on the water, aiding those who want to paddle further or with greater ease. Most often, these items are used when navigating rivers, aiding those who might need help when steering their equipment through narrow routes. Depending on the wind and current, they can also be useful to those who find themselves wanting a small amount of assistance when paddling.