8 Fun Things To Do In Hawaii

The breathtaking scenery, beach spirit, and lots of exciting activities to do in Hawaii are just some of the reasons why many choose to visit the place for vacation. It’s a perfect place to unwind and take a break from the daily work life. Planning to visit the place? Process your USA Visa and enjoy these eight fun things to do in Hawaii:

  1. Visit Famous Sunrise Lava in Big Island

If you wish to see the active lava flow in Hawaii, you can start within the Volcanoes National Park in Big Island. Guests can go near to the fresh lava a few feet away during sunrise. You can also go around the rainforest and visit other unknown gems in there. There are tour packages that offer snack, rain ponchos, and water, so you don’t have to worry about bringing one.


  1. Mountain Tubing through Canals and Tunnels in Kauai

Only Kauai Backcountry Adventures offers tubing tours in Kauai Island. All registered guests will be toured through canals and tunnels from the rainforest to Lihue Plantation, provided with a headlamp and devices to float through irrigation. This is the perfect activity in Hawaii to see the lush landscapes of the city!

  1. Swim in Aloha Shore Beach

For your surf and under the sun adventure, you can go to Aloha Shore Beach. The water is clear enough to let you see the bottom. There is also a huge rock if you want to do cliff jumping or wish to take a photo.  Indeed, processing your USA ESTA will get you to so many places in Hawaii.

  1. Paddleboard under the firework show in Oahu

Every Friday night, you can enroll in tours that offer paddleboarding at night. The boards have lights underneath, which also illuminates the abundant wildlife in the waters. You can commonly see sea turtles and other tropical fishes. The best part? You will witness a firework display when the sun sets.

  1. Meet the goats at the Working Dairy Farm at Maui

The Working Dairy Farm at Maui is a friendly attraction for families. You can feed the goats in the farm, see the milking machines, taste at most 30 types of cheese, and even watch the entire process of cheesemaking.

  1. Visit the Waimea Canyon in Kauai

For families and couples, the Waimea Canyon allows you to experience the breathtaking views in Kauai. The canyon has rims with varying colors of purple, orange, and green. You can also go hiking with different trails towards the rainforest.

  1. Watch the sunset with sea turtles in Maui

During sunsets, sea turtles always come ashore in Ho’okipa Beach Park. This is what the turtles do to rest, so you can grab this opportunity to watch them. Remember to be respectful and careful in interacting with them.

  1. Have your tattoo in Oahu!

The famous tattoo shop in Oahu is the Soul Signature Tattoo downtown. It offers a Polynesian style of hand tap tattoos with a very distinct and unique design. Indeed, there are lots to do in Hawaii, and the best way to start with your journey is to process your ESTA and ESTA Visa immediately.