Belize Fishing Charter: The Glam Vacation Trip in Belize

Belize has always provided its customer with best services to make the trips or vacations of the customer the best and perfect one. It has provided its customers with snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving and many other activities. One of the services it provides the customers is the service of Belize fishing charter. Fishing charter is a trip for two to three days in the ocean for fishing without being afraid of any other necessities as all the requirements are already provided on the boat. Belize too provides this service to its customers.

Requirements needed for fishing charter in Belize

  • Fishing license- many fishing charters ask for fishing license for the charter trip. Belize is one of the trip places where fishing license is asked.
  • Alternative of fishing license- there is always an alternative if the fishing license is not present at the moment. Belize has an organization CZMA (Belize’s Coastal Zone Management Authority). An immediate fishing license can be pursued for fishing charters through the authorities.
  • Fishing rules- there are certain rules which should be kept in mind by the customers and all the information are provided by the staffs for the safety of the customers. some of the rules are-
  1. Scuba gear fishing is prohibited over there.
  2. Tarpon Permit and Bonefish should be caught and released immediately. It shouldn’t be kept on the boat.
  • Prohibited actions- no bottom trawling is allowed in Belize fishing techniques. It affects the flourishing of the reef near it.
  • Flat fishing- flat fishing is allowed over Belize. This helps in attraction of anglers to the place.

Belize fishing charter can be made all throughout the year. Several strict rules mentioned should always be followed for a safe and enjoyable trip in the charters.