Do’s and Don’ts Of Visiting Barcelona

Barcelona is a city located on the coast of northeast Spain and is the capital city of the autonomous community of Catalonia. Barcelona is one of the few cities in Europe that offer a remarkably diversified cultural experience. Apart from the culture and the beautiful weather, Barcelona is home to some of the most famous historical sites and masterpieces of some popular architects of that time. So, once you have decided to visit this beautiful city, you may want to consider doing a few things and avoiding a few. We shall thus, take a look at the things to do and not to do, while in Barcelona.


  • Learning Spanish

Spanish is a globally recognized language, hence it can be learned anywhere in the world. But when you visit a city or a country for the first time, you ought to know their language to some extent. Speaking the native language, thus, for instance, gracias, por favor, and so on, in Barcelona can go a long way.

  • Visit Barcelona wine bars

Visiting the wine bars in Barcelona is yet another significant thing one needs to do. La Vinya Del Senyor for instance is home to more than 400 wines and people from all over the world visit this place, given the variety of wines available.

  • Rent a bike

Nothing is as satisfactory as riding through the lanes of the city. You can also ride along Barcelona’s Beachfront boardwalk and stop along the way for lunch. 


  • Avoid cheap out of the way hotels

Go for hotels that are located centrally, even though they are costlier. This is because these hotels are close to the popular sites and are comparably more secure.

  • Avoid getting political

There are certain things such as politics that may just instigate the natives. So asking the natives their opinion on Catalan independence is fine, but voicing pro Spain or pro Catalan opinions can land you in trouble sometimes.

  • Don’t tip 20 percent as a tip

Since tipping at restaurants in Barcelona is quite uncommon, you may want to avoid tipping a lot. But if you do want to leave something, leave the change or a couple of euros.

Barcelona is a city that one cannot avoid visiting while touring through Europe. The day tour of Barcelona can be an extremely exhilarating experience as the city is home to countless historical sites, wonderful people, and beautiful weather.