Dubai City Tour in a luxury bus- top places to see

Are you planning a trip to Dubai? There are various exciting, thrilling and beautiful tourist spots for you to behold. If you are looking for a budget-friendly mode of conveyancing, then choose a Dubai luxury bus to tour the cities and to explore the places of tourist attraction. Luxury buses and minivan are driven by experienced drivers who show you thrilling and happening tourist spots. Choose a company which has a history of delivering the best customer services and that which offer city tour packages on a budget. It is a different feeling to travel in a luxury bus with your entire family and exploring the places of importance. You will be driven to attractive places in Dubai where you can investigate utmost thrill, tradition and excitement.

Dubai is the most happening and attractive city across the globe, and particularly, in the Middle East. It is safe, beautiful and travel-friendly. Thousands of visitors from all across the world are attracted to Dubai. It is during the cold season from October to March that the city of Dubai gets too crowded. If you are travelling with your family, you can grab attractive deals online. You also have the option to add places that you want to see in Dubai. Dubai city is known for luxury hotels, several shopping destinations, skyscrapers, for the various festivals, happening nightlife, entertainment activities and sports activities. So, no matter what is your area of interest, there is something for everyone in Dubai. Explore all the important places of tourist interest in a Dubai luxury bus.

What all is covered in a Dubai city tour?  

If you have booked a Dubai city tour, the following destinations will be probably covered:

  • Burj Al Khalifa, the 163 floor skyscrapers where you can take amazing photos
  • Burj Al Arab, a 7-star luxury hotel which offers a beautiful view of the city
  • A view of the Dubai Marina
  • The Palm Atlantic for photo sessions where you can take photos and further indulge in sightseeing
  • Blue Mosque in Dubai where you can marvel over the reflecting lights
  • The historical spot of Dubai- Dubai museums
  • Jumeirah Beach to create memories for the lifetime
  • A visit to the Dubai Marina
  • If travelling through the Sheikh Zayed Road, Mall of the Emirates will be covered
  • A visit to the King Palace

All the places mentioned above may be customized. Dubai luxury bus is a wonderful way to explore and check out the city.

Burj Al Arab Hotel: the tallest and the most luxurious hotel

Dubai Luxury Bus will take you to Burj Al Arab Hotel, the tallest hotel popular for its most expensive accommodations in the world. The amenities you enjoy in Burj Al Arab can’t be found anywhere else. It is an iconic symbol of the Emirates. Its design and architecture is amazing and tourists cannot help but marvel over it. Visit Jumeirah Beach if you are in Burj Al Arab. The hotel has beach on its edge.

Explore the sparkling features of the whopping Burj Khalifa  

Burj Khalifa was known as Burj Dubai once upon a time. Again, Burj Khalifa is a top attraction here for it is the tallest building having 124 floors. From the top of the skyscraper, you can witness the city of Dubai and admire its majesty and elegance. Check out Burj Khalifa Fountain Show which is the most prominent water dancing show. In between, you may visit the Dubai Mall which is the largest shopping centre in the world. It is very much the part of the complex of Burj Khalifa. Dubai Mall provides the finest of dining options, children activities, aquarium and items from the leading brands for shopping.

Dubai Gold Souk for gold shopping

Dubai Gold Souk is the largest gold market in the entire UAE. More than 300 retailers deal with ornaments.

For many, it is not affordable and convenient to travel by air. So, they may look forward to hiring a Dubai luxury bus.  Travelling by a bus is the easiest of options available. With the advent of the internet, it is possible to book a bus online. As per the facilities and convenience you want, you can book a bus. Book a mini bus when travelling with friends and family. When travelling in a Dubai Luxury bus for sightseeing, you have plenty of space to keep your things.