Go spend a wonderful evening in Dubai in the Desert Safari Dubai. The people living in Dubai, its residents, and the people who come to Dubai on Vacations love to visit the Dubai Desert Safari. It is something that will make you feel energized and refreshed.

The Dubai Desert Safari is one of the most widely successful and popular day trips for the visitors. People from all over the world come to see the rises, the sand dunes and to see how the Bedouin life looked like before Dubai turned into travel industry center point.

Things to do in Dubai Desert Safari

The Dubai Desert Safari is ancaptivating, entertaining and delightful way to learn about Dubai’s local culture and heritage, and a plus point would be to experience the dessert itself on a 4×4 wheel drive, Land Cruiser.

A adventure in the Dubai Desert Safari would be an approach and a place for people to unwind and to see a different eco system which is not present in their country. The Desert Safari would be a way for people to see what the city looks outside the high sky scrapers and the artificial city of emirates and a way for people to experience the Arabic culture.

The types of Dubai Desert Safari

There are three types of Dubai Desert Safari you can choose from; Morning Dessert Safari, Evening Dessert Safari and Overnight Dessert Safari. The whole activity would overall take about 6-7 hours. But most people go on the Dubai Desert Safariin mid-afternoon, this activity would most likely finish in evening when the risk of dune bashing would be very low.

The most exciting and famous thing about the Dubai Desert Safari is Dune Bashing. This is the part where people enjoy the most. People who experience the Dune bashing are in a trance like hypnotic state when they see the dessert and its vastness. The 4×4 wheeler Land Cruisers would go over high and low dunes and people’s shouts of excitements and fun could be heard. The next thing that people like the most in the Dubai Desert Safari is the Sand boarding. Sand boarding is where people take a board and they would get to slide form a high dune towards the ground. This would be a onetime experience.

In refreshments and lunch there is Arabian food and B.B.Q., tea coffee that people enjoy a lot and they get to taste the Arabic food hence getting to know the traditions. Next in the Dubai Desert Safari People can experience a camel ride, where they can ride on the back of a camel. This is a new and different experience for the tourists. There is music in the background and people can roam around, take pictures, get hina paintings done and they can even try on some Arabic Costumes to take pictures. Do come and visit Desert Safari Dubai.

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