how to apply for canada eta

Some time ago, Canada also decided to offer tourists and business travelers an electronic visa. This should further simplify entry into the country without negatively affecting safety. But what should one know about the known visa and how does the application succeed in any case?

What’s new when entering the country?

In fact, the Canadian eTa has some advantages for tourists. While it was necessary in the past to come directly to the embassy with the concern of travel, in the meantime the process can largely be handled via the Internet. First, interested parties must fill in a form that is based primarily on personal information. This ensures that the most important information about your own person is available. Also, the payment of a fee of seven dollars is due within this framework. It is advisable to book your own flights in advance of the application, although, unlike the US ESTA, this is not a mandatory requirement. However, the security of the entire process can be increased in this way. On Further advice on eTa Canada can also contribute to this goal.

Advantages for both sides

Due to the great interest in the Upper Allgäu, to undertake a long-distance trip to the United States, we have already reported on the ESTA in the past. The corresponding article can be found here . The intention behind the Canadian eTa is more or less in line with the American approach. In this case, those responsible would like to accommodate the desire of tourists to make their entry into the country even easier. This, in turn, benefits the Canadian economy, for which tourism is already an important pillar in many regions of the vast country. The bottom line is therefore several profiteers who come to enjoy a central settlement.

The formal basics

Basically, it would not be necessary to print out the successful eTa application and take it with you in your hand luggage on the plane. Because of the authorities on site, the font is already available in electronic form, which can be accessed directly on them. If it does not make things too difficult, theCanada eTA can, of course, be carried on paper. Of greater importance in this respect is the personal passport, the validity of which must extend beyond the duration of the stay. The simple identity card is not sufficient in this form, in order to take the entry into Canada. These documents should also be examined carefully before departure.

Further rules for the Canada eTa

Basically, the eTa visa is designed for tourists or business travelers who are only in Canada for a short time. On the other hand, those who want to do an internship or work as an au-pair in the country, for example, need the corresponding work permit. Accordingly, the electronic visa is not sufficient in these cases to create a legal basis for your own project. The Federal Foreign Office also offers more detailed information on this site for those interested.

Overall, the Canadian eTa for tourists presents itself as a practical way to avoid the classic issue of a travel visa via the embassy. This significantly speeds up the entry process, which is one of the key benefits of the new regulation, which is generating ever-increasing numbers of tourists.