How To Make The Most Of Your Summer Holidays In Bekal?

A land of pristine beaches, the serenity of nature, and the patent charm of God’s own Country, it would not be an overstatement to say that Bekal is a concealed gem on the coastline of Kerala. If you are battling summer blues, then head right here summer tourist places in Kerala to spend your holiday in the midst of resorts with such gorgeous views that will help you forget the woes of a concrete jungle. Do not miss these experiences, and be sure to add the following to your itinerary:

  • Valiyaparamba backwaters

Kerala’s most unique spots that are a haven for its tourists are its amazing backwaters. A trip to Bekal would be incomplete without a day spent admiring the tranquil backwaters and cruising on the clear water. The exquisite landscape and the clear skies are bound to give you a sense of unparalleled peace.

  • Bekal fort

Bekal is famous for this historic fort that is 300 years old, and also considered one of the largest forts in Kerala. What makes it even better is than it is surrounded by a captivating beach. Spend you day exploring the fort, and watch the sun set on the horizon of the vast Arabian Sea. The architecture of the fort and its walkway is accentuated by the lights set up here. This is truly one of the reasons you should head to Bekal, for an evening of relaxation.

  • Nityanand Ashram Caves

If you are spiritual, and inner peace is what led you here, then be sure to experience bliss at Nityanand Ashram Caves. This place is recognised as an international spiritual centre. These are a group of forty-five caves, with a sculpture of Swami Nityanand made of Panchaloha. Moreover, they are said to have been carved out of one rock, and has six entrances. Its mind-boggling architecture and design is bound to leave an impression on you.

  • Kappil Beach

When people think of places to visit in Kerala in summer, the standard response would be the beaches dotting the coastline of Kerala to bask in the sun and relax in the cool sea-breeze. Kappil beach in Bekal is one such beach with azure blue waters and golden sand. The evening skies here are particularly alluring and would make for the perfect romantic setting with a loved one. Kids too, would enjoy playing in the sand and splashing in the water. Beaches are always a delight, and this beach is no compromise.

  • Chandragiri fort

This might not be a commonality on most itineraries, but is a hidden spot loved by tourists. The historical significance of the fort, along with other attractions such as an estuarine make this fort a must-visit. You can spend a day in solitude in this spectacular fort for an unconventional yet fascinating experience.

  • Ananthapura Lake Temple

A temple may sound like a strange option on a vacation, but temples in Kerala are quite different and have an unmatched otherworldly charm that is worth experiencing. Moreover, this temple is built upon a lake and is dedicated to a deity known as Shri Padmanabha, an avatar or form of Vishnu. The aura of the temples in Kerala can only be witnessed here, and this might be a once-in-a-lifetime chance for you. Just the peace and devotion in the air gives enough incentives to spend a few hours admiring the traditions and cultures our diverse country offers.

Staying in Bekal is a truly divine experience, due to the presence of world-class resorts and hotels that will win you over with their quaint charm. For an unforgettable vacation, stay at The LaLit Resort and Spa in Bekal and enhance your entire vacation with their hospitality and unmatchable services.