Quiet Greek islands that are still unexplored

Picking a calm occasion goal can be dubious.Be that as it may, with around 6000 islands and islets, discovering harmony and security in Greece shouldn’t be a test!! Of course, no one wants to be Tom Hanks in Cast Away, so we’re here to help out narrowing down the 3 best quiet destinations in Greek Islands. Grab your friends/partner/family or if you’re a solo traveller, just grab your volleyball, and let the adventure begin!

  1. Folegandros


Just an hour boat ride from popular Santorini, uncrowded and selfie-stick free Folegandros is the place to be if you want to enjoy a peaceful, stress-free vacation overlooking the rugged landscapes! This minor and immaculate diamond of Folegandros is by a wide margin the calmest and undisturbed Greek Island.Although Santorini holds the crown of first rate nightfalls, the option Folegandros offers a stunning dusk understanding from the highest point of Panagia Church. If you don’t want to miss out, strap your hiking boots on, grab a bottle of wine (don’t forget some water!) and set off for a challenging, yet rewarding two-hour trip up to the mountain in the evening. You’ll be thrilled at how the light and sun-kissed water interact with each other, changing colours while you get the feeling of a soft breeze! Can we go there, now?!

  1. Milos


As we proceed with island jumping our next goal is island of Milos. Milos combines everything you ever dreamt of. For an island so generally little, Milos’ amazing scenes, perfect waters and volcanic white shores with concealed caverns will ensure that you ‘ll be begging to go back! This shrouded jewel of the Aegean Sea is the spot to take it easy on its sandy sea shores. Known worldwide for the discovery of the Venus de Milo statue, which now holds court at the Louvre Museum in Paris, Milos remains a unique and unspoiled destination, ready to be explored. Oh! Remember to pack your camera; known as the “Island of hues”, Milos has particular geography with pink, red and orange volcanic rocks shaping in excess of 70 sea shores, making Milos one of the most picturesque islands of Greece.

  1. Skopelos


Here we go again! Yes. You guessed it. This is the island of “Mamma Mia!” and it’s an absolute little green and blue paradise! If you want to escape the crowds, enjoy azure waters with unique natural beauty and fill your stomachs at family-run taverns, then the laidback island of Skopelos is ideal for you. Moreover, if you have a weakness for watersports, Skopelos is a great destination for snorkelling, diving, kayaking or paddle-boarding, open for most ages. The only drawback of the island: you singing the “Mamma Mia!” soundtracks 24/7!

Last but not leastwe want to thank MedExperience.com and its Greek island hopping cruise for giving us this oportunity to enjoy still unexplored Greek islands and its rich culture.