Snowy Mountains Visitor Demographics: Targeted Property Management

Tourism Research Australia released the National Visitor Survey in the Snowy Mountains region for the year ended March 2023, categorised into relevant demographic groups.

Real estate property investments like Snow Mountain accommodation rentals have a broad and competitive market, and one effective marketing strategy is targeting niches. Lead conversion rate and occupancy rate will rise when you have an excellent property management agency that understands how to apply the following demographics:


Determining their place of origin gives you an idea of their culture and background. According to the same report from Tourism Research Australia (TSA), 68% of the domestic visitors came from different New South Wales (NSW) towns. 

NSW is considered a multicultural landscape, so you can use this information to discuss with your property manager to collaborate with restaurants of diverse cuisines to attract clients. Providing customers from different localities with unique Tumut, Sydney, or even Jindabyne accommodation experiences will strengthen your brand and maximise investments.

Travel Party

TSA also revealed in the report that 31% of the visitors were friends or relatives travelling together, while 23% came as a family. Leading real estate agents took advantage of this information by incorporating properties with family- and group-friendly amenities like barbecue facilities and swimming pools.

Integrating your properties with amenities suited for socialisation and collaborating with other businesses for fun group activities will make your rentals more attractiveto families. Accommodating bigger groups of guests generates more profit for your business.

Purpose of Visit

In another report section, TSA noted that most visitors visited the Snowy Mountains for a holiday. 

With an excellent property manager, they can strategise to attract holiday visitors by creating a comprehensive list of activities you can do while atSnowies. They can also make guides and maps of tourist attractions that may make their holiday more worthwhile.


From the 1.7 million visitors in the Snowy Mountains for the year ended March 2023, TSA observed large numbers of visitors from 15-29 years old. 

One efficient use for these statistics is local government and businesses’ collaboration for events like night skiing and fireworks displays with free admission for kids.


Targeting your customers and audience and creating a unique and personalised experience will result in customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. Ensure that the agency you entrust your properties with is composed of expert holiday specialists with high standards for service, just like Snowy Mountains Accommodation.

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