The main reason why tourists prefer to book an individual transfer

The modern tourist transfer appeared along with business tourism. There was a need to meet tourists and take them to hotels, so an additional paid service from Denver airport to Keystone transportation appeared. The service of ordering a transfer abroad is especially in demand. Language barrier problems, misunderstanding of routes, fear of being deceived – all this becomes a powerful incentive to order a transfer in advance, in other words, to safely and comfortably reach your destination in another country.

With the introduction of the Internet and high technology, the manual process of aggregating transfer services has given way to an automatic one. Global companies have emerged offering transfers not only in a certain region but also in dozens of other countries. Mountain Stars Transportation is one such company.

Transfer classification

Tourist transfers can be classified according to the following criteria:

By the number of tourists:

  • Group;
  • Individual.

By car capacity:

  • Sedan;
  • SUV;
  • Minivan (from 6 to 15 passengers).

Who orders the transfer:

  • tourist;
  • third party (travel agency, hotel employee, relative).

In terms of comfort. In most cases, this classification is based on the class of vehicle being traveled:

  • Micro/Economy;
  • Comfort/Business;
  • Premium/VIP.

Why book a transfer?

The main reason why tourists prefer to book an individual transfer is its convenience for certain groups of people:

  • Families with small children do not have to languish in a long wait if a transfer is booked. In addition, cars are equipped with child seats, which is necessary when transporting children. The transfer is fast delivery to the place, stops at the request, a high level of comfort, and a safe trip.
  • The transfer is also a useful service for people with reduced mobility (elderly or disabled) due to the comfortable conditions of the transfer.
  • For those who arrive or depart at night, a transfer will also be useful, as there may be a lack of alternative transport at night.
  • For tourists traveling in groups, a transfer is a very attractive solution, as booking a minivan together is often cheaper than even buying public transport tickets for each member of the group.

Ordering a tourist transfer on is a great solution for tourists with large or bulky luggage. A private transfer will make their trip more convenient.