Travel Guide to Destin – What to Know About the Climatic Changes in This Place


Destin is one of the many places in Florida that have become the most opted places of vacations for many tourists. Florida has always been the most preferred vacation destination as it has many places to have wonderful holiday times with family and friends. Be it family vacations, romantic getaways, or a fun trip with your family and kids, you will surely love this place and every day that is spent here. 

Visiting any vacation destination requires you to do your part of the homework and learn everything about any particular place. The same goes for visiting Destin in Florida as well. Understanding the right time to visit Florida is the right way of making the fullest of your visit to the place. 

Weather in Destin 

The climatic conditions in Destin vary every month. The best way of making the fullest out of your visit is to plan a holiday in Destin during the right months. Here is a brief explanation of the Destin Florida weather to help you decide the right time to visit. 

  • From March to May 

The possible temperature changes of the beach water can be between 70 degrees and 80 degrees. The right temperature to take a dip in the beach water while enjoying some water sports in Destin. The hotel charges will also be at your reach and you can find the best accommodation facilities here. 

These months are also considered as the peak tourism time in Destin because of the number of tourists that flow towards this vacation destination. You can enjoy many things here during these months with your dear ones. 

  • From July to August

The most rainfall happens in July and August. The extended rainfall season will be up to September and these months are also the most preferred time to visit this place. The rainfall will not be as effective as a few small bursts for 5 to 10 minutes. After every rain bursts, you can see a clear sky with sunshine. 

These months are marked as the summertime in Destin and are also considered as the peak vacation times. Everything, starting from the accommodation facilities, watersports, etc., will be quite costlier, because of the flow of tourists these months to this place. 

  • From September to November

With a temperature of 20 to 32 degrees, these months are known for their heavy rainfall in Destin every year. You can experience nice and humid climatic conditions. If you feel like you can cope with some rainfall, then these months are ideal to visit Destin, as the accommodation facilities and everything else will be quite cheaper during these months. 

So, for a budget-friendly vacation to Destin, these are the ideal months. 

  • From December to March 

These are the winter months in Destin and the temperature can reach quite low during these months. The flow of tourists during these months is quite low, and hence you can find a wonderful deal in every aspect such as watersports, accommodation facilities, restaurants, tasty dishes and so on. 

The temperature drops to 20 degrees and can still drop to 16 degrees during these months. You can expect snowfall at least 6 to 7 times a month, during these months. Hence, enjoyment in the beach waters is not quite possible during these months. 

Possible Temperature Variations in Destin throughout the Year 

Here is a brief explanation of how temperature changes every month in Destin Florida. You can learn more about the climatic changes by visiting the blog page DestinFlorida. 

  • January 

Average High Temperature: 63 degrees 

Average Low temperature: 47 degrees 

Relative Humidity: 54% to 87%

  • February 

Average High Temperature: 66 degrees 

Average Low Temperature: 57 degrees 

Relative Humidity: 69% to 94%

  • March 

Relative Humidity: 53% to 87% 

Average High Temperature: 67 degrees 

Average Low Temperature: 54 degrees 

  • April 

Average High Temperature: 74 degrees 

Average Low Temperature: 61 degrees 

Relative Humidity: 57% to 90%

  • May 

Average High Temperature: 85 degrees 

Average Low Temperature: 72 degrees 

Relative Humidity: 55% to 88%

  • June 

Average High Temperature: 87 degrees 

Average Low Temperature: 76 degrees 

Relative Humidity: 62% to 91%

  • July 

Average High Temperature: 89 degrees 

Average Low Temperature: 77 degrees 

Relative Humidity: 61% to 91%

  • August 

Average High Temperature: 87 degrees 

Average Low Temperature: 76 degrees 

Relative Humidity: 60% to 91%

  • September 

Average High Temperature: 88 degrees 

Average Low Temperature: 77 degrees 

Relative Humidity: 64% to 92%

  • October 

Average High Temperature: 82 degrees 

Average Low Temperature: 69 degrees 

Relative Humidity: 55% to 89%

  • November 

Average High Temperature: 67 degrees 

Average Low Temperature: 53 degrees 

Relative Humidity: 62% to 91%

  • December 

Average High Temperature: 62 degrees 

Average Low Temperature: 51 degrees 

Relative Humidity: 66% to 92%

Events to Not Miss in Destin 

Here are some of the events that are quite famous in some of the months and you should not miss when in Destin. 

April – May – Taco and Tequila Fest

June – August – Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival 

September – November – Destin Seafood Festival and Fishing Rodeo 

December – March – Cobia World Championships 

You have now understood that the temperature in Destin varies throughout the year. Not all months are one and the same and you might experience hot summers and cold winters in Destin. The best way of finding the ideal months to visit Destin is by going through this guide from the beginning. is the Best resource blog to find perfect services and information for visiting Destin Florida. You will get complete information about what to do, where to stay, how to split your vacation, and make the most of every day when in Destin. You can even visit this blog page to learn everything about the best places to stay when in any city in Destin. 

Some tourists prefer dry months whereas some prefer snowing months to visit this beach destination. What is your preference, or the preference of your fellow travelers? Learn about what your dear ones love to do when in Destin and plan the vacation to this place accordingly. Happy vacationing!