Tricks To Fill Your Portraits With Light Indoors

We have all been through the complex situation of taking indoor portraits and having a hard time seeing how the photo is blurred due to the lack of light. Today I bring you quick and easy tricks to put into practice, with which you can get (well) illuminated portraits indoors.

Bounce External Flash

In indoor portraits and no-light situations, the ideal is not to shoot the portrait with the flash directed directly at the subject. It will produce too powerful a light and will leave exaggerated light and shadow contrasts on the person’s face and body. If you have an external flash (and if not, get one, here are some recommendations), most have a rotary head, which allows you to deviate the path of the flashlight slightly, either upwards or sideways.

Place A Light Diffuser

In many online stores, and for less than 5 or 10 dollars you can buy this accessory that consists of a kind of semi-translucent white plastic lid that we will place in front of the flash. Its function is to lighten the powerful light of the flash and make it softer.

Project The Light Of A Lamp

Sometimes we don’t have a flash, or we can’t use it for whatever reason. If the ceiling light is not enough for you to illuminate your subject, you can reinforce it using any table lamp nearby. Bring the lamp closer to the subject, raise it with a side table to the height of your face or the point you want to illuminate, yes, try not to see the lamp within the frame.

Take Advantage Of The Light Coming From The Window

In photography, the best light you can use is natural, due to the characteristics it offers, difficult to obtain with artificial light. It is easier to photograph a landscape or a sporting event with natural light than an indoor portrait, thou you can do some editing with, but not impossible. Locate a window from which outside light comes in and use it to light up your portrait.