What Do You Want to Fly as That Will Depend on What Pilot License You Will Need

If you want to become a pilot there are a few decisions you need to make like ‘what you want to fly’? FAA’s rules for earning a pilot’s license differ dependent on the kind of plane that you want to fly. But what a choice you have:

  • Gyroplanes
  • Gliders
  • Helicopters
  • Airships
  • Balloons

And if you are interested in ultralight flying vehicles, you don’t need a pilot’s license.

Different pilot’s licenses

You also need to consider what ‘type’ of flying you would like to do. There are many various types of licenses, from a student pilot up to pilot airline transport. Each have different:

  • Training
  • Eligibility
  • Experience

Testing requirement for student pilots, recreational pilots and private pilots are all somewhat different.

Good and bad

There are lots of good as well as bad reasons for becoming a pilot, after all flying is lots of fun and for many it is a career that is quite satisfying. But there is some wrong thinking to clear upon the lifestyle of a pilot. A senior pilot or captain who flies for a well-known company makes a good salary, but if you are going into aviation for the money, you will be very disappointed.


One of the downsides is the training for flying as it is quite expensive, and the beginning salary for most regional pilots as well as flight instructors can hardly be a living wage. Throw a family and student loans into this situation and that $30,000 beginning pilot salary is not going to cut it.


Those with patience and can enjoy life with lower-paying jobs flying, will stay around long enough to move up and make more money – but patience is key, and it will not happen overnight.

Good salary

There are many pilots who make a very great salary, but you can be sure that they have put in their time. So, if you are getting into aviation for the money, you might want to think about a different career path.

You love your job

But if you really love flying, the years will fly by and before you know it you have a decent retirement ahead of you.