The web is full with good and bad stuff and we must not deny that time is precious. It is time we realize that we cannot afford time wasting sites and platforms that have made us do nothing but become a couch potato. The sign of a good content is what motivates or inspires you to get off from that lazy couch and do something interesting in life.

Using the web in the right manner can make you motivated for life. Surfing the web doesn’t mean you need to be like them or be an influencer yourself. Good blogs and websites like Blinkco can encourage you to do many other things of your interest. For instance, just pack your bags and visit all those unexplored and interesting places to complete your travel passion or instead on binging for worse at home, hit the new restaurant that opened near your location and relish their unique signature dishes. 

We have tips where you can find some good stuff online to do all the crazy things in life.

How to find motivating and interesting stuff online?


  • Go to the main source and read about the owner:


If you find something interesting, read about the person who brought that positivity in you. Every web link or web page has an About Us column. Know their journey of success to get some fresh motivational vibes.


  • Follow exciting and interesting social media influencers:


A plethora of influencers are on social media platforms. Follow the ones that you like the most. They could be anything from a chef to a travel guide or a simple motivational speaker. Follow content or people that interest you. Some influencers don’t let you bored of their content for a moment.


  • Use search engines with the right keyword:


Search engines can be used if you learn the right keywords and title. It is no rocket science to find the content you are looking for. Let’s assume you love to cook vegan dishes; search the web with titles like: 10 Most Interesting Vegan Desserts to make at Home. Most bloggers put high quality images and step by step guide to make it simple for the viewers.


  • Express your experience:


You can express your own experience too. Just like these influencers and bloggers, you can be one by sharing your experience of trying new stuff or simply putting your thoughts on the web. Your thoughts and experience may influence others to think creative.