Your Footy Trip Options You Can Always Look for

You dream, Asia, South America, the United States, the Pacific Islands. So many destinations we would like to see but we do not have enough of a life to realize all these dreams of traveling for the footy trips.

  1. Choosing the right country

You may have a specific destination in mind for the footy trips, but be aware that this may not be the best time to go. This causes currency too strong, trendy destination, high season, countries where the cost of living is high etc. If your current financial means are limited, instead prefer a country where life is not expensive on site, where it is not the peak tourist season during your dates, when the currency is less strong than the dollar.

Tell yourself that you will have other moments to go to this country that makes you dream so much but that you cannot afford now. There are so many beautiful places to discover. You will surely be pleasantly surprised by other destinations where you did not think to go.

  1. Buy your plane ticket

Finally comes the moment when you have to break your piggy bank and go to the cash register. Either you have chosen your destination and are afraid to pay the high price. To minimize the risk of ruin, prefer departures and returns on weekdays and Tuesday to Wednesday, days that would be among the cheapest. Avoid school holidays and rush hour on weekends. For a weekend in a European capital, the best is from Friday to Monday or Saturday to Tuesday.

The best time to buy your plane ticket is off-peak time, for example at night or on Tuesday at 3pm, times when airlines drop prices. Do your browsing search to prevent sites from recognizing your IP address and increase prices on the second visit.  For the Footy Trips this is the smartest detail.

  1. Choosing the right credit card

Almost all the flight comparators add bank charges to the very last step of the reservation for the footy trips. The price changes when you indicate the type of credit card so check before entering your card numbers. Debit cards do not have bank charges such as Visa Debit or Maestro.

  1. Special sales

All airlines make flash sales and promotional offers, you just need to know because they do not last long and impose a reservation deadline and a travel period. If you follow us assiduity, you will not miss them because we watch every day this type of offers. The newsletters of the companies also make it possible to be aware of the future offers.

  1. Last minute

One of the main secrets is to book your trip in advance but conversely, leaving at the last minute allows finding some treasures. The key word is flexibility.

It can be super cool to leave on a whim, pack and run a few days later. But beware of sites that offer false discounts and that inflate the base price by suggesting a 70%. If you do not know much about it, our knowledgeable eye knows how to spot real promotions.