5 Beauty of Ketawai Island in Bangka

gili trawangan in Lombok is the most popular destination in Indonesia and is even included in the category of favorite foreign tourist destinations. But besides Lombok, many other marine destinations in this country are no less beautiful than the Gilis, such as Ketawai Island.

This small island on the east side of Sumatra is the pride of Central Bangka, especially for the residents of Kurau Village. Ketawai does offer a beauty that makes it much visited by tourists, not only Bangka residents but also from outside the island. What’s more, the place is quite close to the airport.

Exciting Things in Ketawai Island.

1. Clear Seawater.

The leading beauty of this 30-hectare island is that it has a beach with clear blue water when viewed from a distance. The clear sea of ​​Ketawai Island seems to hypnotize every visitor to immediately throw themselves into the water.

This expanse of seawater blends beautifully with the rows of coconut trees on the beach’s edge that soars high and makes it a natural shade for tourists.

If you like beachside family picnics, it is advisable to bring a mat from home to hold under a tree while enjoying your lunch. This mat can also be used as a base for lying down while enjoying the beauty of the sea and the breeze.

2. White Sand

The clear blue sea is even more beautiful because it is coupled with a warm stretch of soft white sand. But be careful, if you come in summer when the sun is overhead, you should wear footwear because the sand will feel hotter than the sun.

3. Snorkeling

Not only on land, but Ketawai Island also offers fantastic underwater views. Snorkeling lovers are guaranteed to be satisfied because many ornamental fish in the water like to hide behind corals, such as Nemo.

4. Relax in the Gazebo

One of the facilities you can find on the Ketawai Island beach is a gazebo lined along the coast. You can use it for sitting back and enjoying the sea, talking with family while enjoying lunch, or lying down after being tired of playing in the ocean.

In addition to the pavilion, there are also toilet facilities and rinse rooms. So if you need a changing room after getting wet playing in the water, then there’s no need to worry. As for lodging, unfortunately, it can’t be found near the beach, but it’s still available some distance away.

5. Orange Twilight

The sunset view offered by this island is said to be enchanting, which makes it widely used as a photo background, such as for pre-wedding.

The orange light in the sky in the western part of the island feels even more serene because it is accompanied by the sound of waves, sea breezes, and a calm atmosphere far from the bustle of the city.

bangka island indonesia, especially Ketawai Island, can be a suitable tourist destination, especially during the dry season. If you come from outside of the island by plane, the island is only about 30 minutes drive from the airport.