Austin’s Cost Of Living Is Lower

Are you relocating to Austin, Texas? Austin is an excellent option if you want to save money while living in a city with plenty of opportunities. According to The Council for Community and Economic Research, Austin’s cost of living index is 30 percent lower than the U.S. average.

Austin’s cost of living index indicates that goods and services are 30 percent cheaper than on average nationwide. In other words, you can live like a king on what would be just enough for a modest income elsewhere — and your savings will stay in your pocket. If you are moving to Austin, you might want to check out this quick guide.

The data show that residents pay less for groceries, utilities, transportation costs, including gasoline prices, health care costs (including medical supplies), apparel prices (including shoes), and dry cleaning services.

The housing price in Austin is 9.7 percent less than the U.S. average, primarily due to the lower price of housing units and the lower prices for electricity, gas, water, and other fuels. The cost of household furnishings and operations such as home and garden supplies are also 13.3 percent less than the national average. That’s a lot of extra spending money!

Moving to Austin gives you access to several employment opportunities. The unemployment rate of 5.1% is considerably lower than the national average of 7.4%.

Austin is a very walkable city and is ranked 13th for the lowest obesity rate in the United States by Walk Score. It uses data from its nationwide walkability ratings to determine where people are most likely to walk. Only 1.9 percent of Austin residents don’t own a car, less than half the national average.

Regarding public transportation, nearly 80 percent of Austin residents ride transit at least occasionally compared with about 60 percent of Americans nationwide.

Austin also ranks 3rd for the highest concentration of tech workers and 4th for the lowest cost of living in the United States.

Residents enjoy some of the country’s best schools in addition to low costs of living. Students learn in a supportive environment with respect and high expectations that everyone can succeed. Parents appreciate the rich academic programs that encourage children to explore their interests. The Austin Independent School District follows an award-winning curriculum with a challenging graduation rate of 86 percent compared to the national average of 82 percent.

Relocating to Austin means you’re supporting your community. The percentage of residents who donate money to charity, volunteer, and participate in the community is over 90 percent higher than the national average. That’s a fantastic figure for anyone moving to a new place!

In addition to investing in Austin’s future, you will benefit financially because of your choice to relocate here. You will enjoy a lower cost of living, lower housing prices, and better transportation options. You are investing in your future!