The Best Canadian Cities to Start a Company In

Starting a business is a huge decision that can leave endless ripples throughout the rest of your life.  Not only does it require a huge investment of time, money, and energy: but it can also offer the chance to change the lives of people you could hire, your loved ones, and your possible customers.

Where you decide to start your business matters.

These are the best Canadian cities to start a business in, and why moving to any of them would be worth it.


Starting a business anywhere is a gamble, but Toronto is a city that’s made to help companies thrive.  This city is full of a massive workforce, with millions eager to work for a fair wage and help the company to succeed.

Beyond this, the cost of living is higher here, meaning that the average goods are also higher than the national average.  You can charge more for whatever your product or service is: and nobody would bat an eye at the idea as long as you ensure what you offered was of good quality.


Although Vancouver is infamously expensive, it’s also a fantastic space to open a business.  From the incredible locals to the wonderful tourism year-round, you always have customers nearby who are ready to support local businesses.  

Beyond this, if you don’t want to invest in a brick-and-mortar location, you can start a digital shop until you get the funds for it.  A lot of businesses and startups in Vancouver start as digital-only shops and then upgrade to physical locations when the demand is high enough.


If you want to start a business in an affordable city: it’s time to start hunting for Ottawa homes for sale.  As the nation’s capital, you might assume that it’s too expensive to start a business here, but there are all kinds of affordable options if you begin a business while living here.

This is a great place to begin a company, especially if it’s something that you want to try to get to spread internationally.  Since this area sees a high number of tourists coming in from around the world, starting a business here might be the best first step to getting international success.


Calgary has an incredible economy that’s built for starting businesses.  This city puts a heavy emphasis on making companies succeed and giving people the chance to carve out a win for themselves.  Not only is this the most affordable city on this list, but it’s also gorgeous and away from cities where your products might get buried or forgotten, like Edmonton.  

Calgary locals are also strongly passionate about businesses that were started there and will proudly support you no matter how big you get.  

Starting a Business is a Fantastic Way to Start Fresh

If you’re ready for a major life change and you’re invested in an idea you have for a business: follow your dreams.  This could be the life change that takes you down an incredible path of success.