All That You Should Know About Your Favorite Steaks

Foodies’ love for food is almost eternal and everlasting as ones love for their favorite belongings. And for steak lovers, this love reflects from the way they know everything about their favorite delicacies. But to know everything about the best types of steak delicacies, you must be a great connoisseur of the steaks.

So here are some things every steak lover should know:

  • Porterhouse steak and a T-bone steak are different: Even though they appear to be identical, both these types are partly sirloin and filet mignon, and both these types need to be double cut. However, you will find that T bone has a greater amount of bone and lesser meat content.
  • Filet mignon shouldn’t be too aged: As the Filet mignon is quite lean, it doesn’t comprise of any fat that can be broken down.
  • Overseasoning is good, especially when it’s grilled: You should know that most part of the heavy seasoning goes into the fire anyway and so more the flavor, the better it is.
  • Steaks should be salted 45 minutes before searing them: You must be knowing that majority steakhouses tend to marinate their steaks in salt so that the perfect charred effect is rendered along with the exquisitely crusty exterior that has all the essential juices and flavors sealed within. However, the proper time for the marinade to set in should be given. Allowing the salt to apparently sit for 45 minutes lets the moisture to be restored in the meat.  
  • Thicker steaks should be grilled in lower heat level than the thinner ones: Cooking a thick piece of steak on very high heat will get the exterior to be burnt even before the interior is cooked properly.
  • Don’t turn your steak if it’s sticking to the grill: This is clearly indicative that your steak is not yet done on the side that’s facing the grill and so it’s sticking to the surface.
  • Both sides of the steak should be seared carefully on high heat prior to starting the cooking process:
    Before you start cooking, you must put your steak directly on flame for at least 2 minutes and sear each side and then remove it from flame and start cooking. This helps to seal the moisture.

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