Simple Steps to Take Better Travel Photos

You can make your travel photos more interesting to your friends and family. Here are some simple things to remember.

Compose your movements using the rule of thirds

It may sound silly, but this easy-to-remember rule can make the difference between a nice shot and an object you throw away. If you do not remember, here’s how it works. When photographing something, mentally divide your “screen” into nine equal parts with two horizontal lines and two vertical lines. Align your subject along these lines and center your key frame at intersecting points. Visit to hire professional travel photographer.

For example, if you are shooting in a desert with a single large cactus, you want to place the horizon on one of the vertical lines and align the cactus with one of the horizontal lines, instead of centering the cactus. When photographing people, the rule is essentially the same. You want to try to keep the eye line in the top vertical line and use the same focal points. One good thing about this is that most digital cameras have this optional option on the screen, so you can use the lines as reference points.

Learn the difference between optical zoom and digital zoom

Your average camera to take a picture will say something like “4x Optical 4x Digital Zoom” on the lens. Optics means the lens is wide enough to create the zoom. Digital means that the camera computer digitally increases the image. In most cases, avoid using the digital zoom, as it would be better to enlarge a photo editor. Plus, when you zoom in digitally, it’s almost impossible to keep the camera still to get a good shot. Advanced cameras usually do not have this feature if they say something.

Learn how to use a simple photo editor

You do not need an expensive program to make your photos more professional. There are many free photo editing programs that work very well! All you really need to know are two basic functions: cut and rotate. You will find that your photos are suddenly much more interesting.

Try with your camera

Before you go, take the time to learn the basics of your digital camera. You may not want to use the automatic function for each setting. Sometimes knowing how to turn off the flash makes the difference between a good photo and a great photo. Tip: If you have a 12-megapixel camera, set it to take 6-megapixel still photos. For most compact cameras, photos will not be affected, and unless you plan to undo a photo for printing, you’ll never need a photo of that size. You’ll also save a lot of space on your camera’s memory card. If you only upload your photos on the Internet, many sites automatically compress your photos!

Bring extra memory

You can never have too much memory! The cards are fairly affordable, and it’s always better to have plenty of it. After filling a memory card, store it in your luggage so you do not lose it. If you can, upload your photos to the Internet in an unzipped format so you can edit them later. As there are cybercafés throughout Europe, it is usually easy to do so.


Take your time and look for your photos before showing them to your friends and family. While it’s good to take a dozen photos of the same photo for quality reasons, just show the best. Sort your photos at the time they were taken to display them in chronological order. Learn to be proud of your travel photos and receive more positive comments!

By following these simple steps, you will entertain your audience and feel better about their ability to take photos. You can get an expert photographer at