How air travel in India changed after Covid-19?

Air travel is one of those aspects that have changed a lot since the global Coronavirus pandemic. Thousands of people gathering at the airport to board the flights are not allowed anymore. The guidelines have been altered to control the spread of this disease.

The following are the few points to tell how air travel in India has changed after Covid-19:

  • Digital solutions: The new normal ways of traveling let people have minimum contact with each other through the use of technologies. Mandatory web-checks of passengers are implemented by the DigiYatra platform. E-boarding passes, and baggage drops by the self-have also been introduced.
  • Mobile apps: such as AarogyaSetu have been introduced and have been made mandatory for all passengers to have. The screening and sanitation measures have also been changed to maintain passengers’ complete hygi Passengers boarding not just the Delhi to Bengaluru flights, but all flights must have the app installed on their phone.
  • Evolving and staying nimble: Since the past few months, the word has been spreading that to fight something invincible, one has to stay nimble. The life of ‘new normal’ is not at all a stationary point but is constantly evolving.
  • Staggered flights are to avoid overcrowding: At the airport, there are regular check-ups of body temperature and making people report two hours before boarding. Social distancing is also being practiced at the ticket counters with markings on the floor. Thus, you will have to be at the airport two hours earlier to board any domestic flight such as Pune to Delhi flight.
  • Sanitizing booths: There are sanitizing booths at every corner of the airport, making everyone sanitize their hands frequently. Even before entering the flight, people are being asked to sanitize their hands and clean their hands before eating something.

The final word

The above mentioned are only some of the changes that have been proposed in the aviation department by the central government. There are other changes too, such as not allowing people to enter the flight without wearing a mask and so on. One is encouraged to follow all necessary personal precautions to ensure a safe journey.