Vital Measures Put In Place By The Royal Holiday Vacation Club To Keep Hotels And Resorts Safe For The Guests In The Wake Of The Current Covid-19 Pandemic

The current global pandemic COVID-19 has brought unexpected changes in the way of life in all sectors of the world economy. Businesses have been forced to alter their operations while others have to enact various changes to survive these turbulent times. The hospitality industry has not been spared at all. Hotels had initially shut doors to keep staff and guests safe. It was not until the World Health Organization (WHO) came up with safety and sanitation guidelines for the phased reopening of various sectors that the hotels landed a comeback. A point in case is the safety measures that Royal Holiday Vacation Club has put in place to safeguard the health of the guests, staff, and members during this pandemic period.

The Introduction of Safe Guest Program

Royal Holiday Vacation Club leaves nothing to chances in its devotion to implementing safety and sanitization measures.  The club has developed a comprehensive initiative dubbed SAFE GUEST PROGRAM to reinforce its already existing safety protocols. The program cements the efforts made by Park Royal Hotels and Resorts in conjunction with other key agencies to ensure facilities at the hotels are safe for occupancy and dining.

The Royal Holiday collaborates with the reputable British firm, Cristal International Standards, to monitor and implement the Safe Guest Program. The program incorporates quality and approved disinfection and sanitization products from the Ecolab that came as a significant boost. The program also takes a keen interest in five significant areas in running operations at the Park Royal Hotels and Resorts under the Royal Holiday Vacation Club.

Safety Protocols at the Entrance

Royal Holiday has acquired Posi-check Certification from Cristal International Standards. The accreditation was done after the staff members were trained on effective response and management of infectious diseases, in this case, Covid-19. The gains oF the certification can be spotted right from all the entrances of the Park Roya Hotels.

The management has ensured the installation of sanitation points with antibacterial solutions from quality Ecolab products at every entry point. The guests are adequately monitored and guided to keep social and physical distancing of at least 1.5m from each other. All these measures are put in place to curb any infection spread.

Be Safe as You Rest and Relax

Cristal International has also granted Royal Holiday Resorts a Roomcheck certification after ascertaining strict adherence to safety standards. Guests are guaranteed safe stay in the rooms equipped with personal hygiene kits for every occupant. The kit contains Ecolab disinfection and cleaning products for your hygiene. You will sanitize your hands while in the room using quality sanitizers. The rooms are thoroughly disinfected before and after every occupancy.

Enjoy a Safe Stay

Visiting Royal Holiday should not bring you worries about the sanitary standards of where you will rest. The staff disinfects all the tables, chairs, and cots after every use. The use of Ecolab sanitizers and disinfectant helps to clear all the microbes from these facilities for use by the guests. Signs are placed in various areas to encourage the guests and staff to maintain the minimum 1.5-meter social distancing at the pools and beaches.

Delight in Every Meal

Safety measures are also set up to protect and enhance your peace of mind as you enjoy every meal at Park Royal Hotels. The staff disinfects both digital and physical menus to get rid of microbes after every use. There are also proper social distancing measures that exist between tables. The attendants clean and disinfect seats and tables after every service using quality Ecolab products.

Recreational Spots

The safe Guest Program ensures your safety even as you enjoy fun moments at the recreational facilities. There is strict adherence to safety protocols during entertainment activities. Rest assured that your children will have fun while safe. There is also taking of the children’s temperatures to identify any incidences of fevers and address them appropriately.

Safety on Your Exit

Interestingly, Royal Holiday Vacation Club ensures a safe exit for all the guests when checking out. The hotel management has provided enough Urns at the reception to deposit the keys. The minimal interaction between the staff and guests eliminates the chances of contacting the novel Corona Virus. 

Following the stipulated sanitation and safety measures strictly protects the staff, guests, and members from the Covid-19. These steps have enabled that Park Royal Hotels and Resorts to resume its operations and serve customers while prioritizing safety.