Royal Holiday Vacation Club Covid-19 Sanitation And Safety Measures: Setting New Standards Across The Hospitality Sector

Royal Holiday Vacation Club, one of the prime hotel and luxury resort chains in the world, has again proved its excellence and its utmost commitment to its 100,000 strong members by setting new standards across the hospitality sector regarding the observance of safety regulations and precautionary measures amid this troublesome time of the pandemic. 

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the club had been closely monitoring the Covid-19 situations at all their travel destinations, including those in Mexico. At destinations the club had announced as safe to visit, they are also following the most stringent guidelines regarding hygiene and cleanliness as were elaborated by WHO and CDC at their websites.

Recently, however, the Royal Holiday has stepped it up a notch by partnering with Cristal International Standards and with Ecolab. The former is a global leader in enforcing risk management, standards management, and brand quality in all top hotels and resort chains in the world while Ecolab enjoys the reputation of being the global leader in providing infection prevention, water, and hygiene solutions through its own sets of related products and services. 

All staff of Royal Holiday Vacation Club locations has been made to undertake special training to comply with the health and safety regulations, as detailed by Cristal International Standards. Periodic audits by Cristal International personnel at various locations of the Club are also arranged to ensure that the standards are properly met and maintained. With regard to cleanliness at all parts of the hotel and food safety,  in particular, when storing, serving, or preparing food, the club has ensured that only quality-assured hygiene and cleaning products from Ecolab will be used. 

All Royal Holiday hotels and resorts, at Mexico and elsewhere, will ensure that all necessary covid-19 certifications issued by Cristal International are applied during the guests’ stay at the hotel. These certifications are:

  1. POSICHECK Covid-19 Certification
  2. FOODCHECK Certification
  3. ROOMCHECK Certification
  4. POOLCHECK Certification
  5. AGUACHECK water system Certification

POSICHECK Certification

This certification will be applied as soon as the guests arrive at the hotels. The hotel staff appointed for this task will check the guests’ temperature and the guests will also be asked to fill out a health questionnaire. These activities will be regarded as part of the guest’s check-in process. Between each check-in, the front desk area as well as any place at the lobby where the guest might have sat upon will be disinfected using Ecolab products. Similarly, the luggage will be delivered to the guest’s room only after it has been thoroughly disinfected. Qualified medical staff will also be available on-demand throughout the guest’s stay at the hotel. 

FOODCHECK Certification

The requirements for FOODCHECK certification will be observed in all food service areas and bars and Ecolab processes and products will be used during all food preparation. In order to comply with appropriate social distancing measures, all bars and restaurants at all Royal Holiday Vacation Club resorts have been asked to operate at reduced capacity. All table utensils as well as Menus (which can also be accessed through QR codes or tablets) will be disinfected prior to each use. Similarly, after each service, chairs and tables will be properly disinfected. 

Room service, when requested, will only be delivered in completely sealed packages and containers and will be left outside the guest’s room. 

Similar stringent measures will be observed at all other areas of the hotel (such as pool and entertainment areas) and for all activities offered by the hotel. All this is to ensure compliance with all Cristal International Standards certifications, as listed above. 

For more detailed information on the safety and sanitation measures undertaken by Royal Holiday Vacation Club, please visit this page at 

As a responsible business entity, Royal Holiday prioritizes the health and safety of its members above everything else. As such, although many are reluctant to go on a holiday amid the pandemic, the members can rest assured that they will be safe and secure when visiting any Royal Holiday destinations that have been deemed to ‘safe to visit’ by the club.