Amid Global Pandemic, Royal Holiday Vacation Club Leading The Way In Promoting Highest Safety And Sanitation Standards In The Hospitality Sector

Hospitality sector all across the world are finding it difficult to attract enough visitors and guests amid this pervasive global pandemic. However, things have started to look up in the recent months and tourists, though still in small numbers, are coming back to destinations that have been declared safe by WHO.

However, still all hotel and resort facilities are required to observe stringent safety, hygiene and sanitation protocols in order to provide highest safety measures to their guests and staff alike. As expected, hotels and resorts in different countries need to comply by all the national as well as local health guidelines set by relevant authorities and health bodies. 

However, the best in the business aren’t limiting themselves to those guidelines only. In addition to complying with local health and hygiene standards, the best hotels and resorts have also put in place their own safety programs to provide added security to their visitors and to help put their mind at ease. After all, vacations are meant to provide relaxation and enjoyment and if one is to stay anxious most of the times regarding health issues while vacationing, there will remain little room for fun! 

And this is why the Royal Holiday Vacation Club has put a comprehensive safety program in place at all their destinations. In order to implement this, Royal Holiday has partnered with Cristal International Standards, an industry leader in enforcing brand quality, standards and risk management at all high-end hotel and luxury resort chains all across the world. In addition, the Club has set up ties with Ecolab, another industry leader which, through its own quality-assured products and services, provides most comprehensive water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions. 

Royal Holiday ‘Safe Guest Program’

The Safe Guest Program has been designed around the five most important Cristal International Certifications issued for the purpose of maintaining the very highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. These are:

  • Covid-19 POSICHECK Certification
  • FOODCHECK Certification
  • ROOMCHECK Certification
  • POLCHECK Certification
  • Water system AGUACHECK Certification

The guidelines specified in these certifications cover all the various aspects, areas and services of a hotel or resort facility. For example, all guests need to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire upon their arrival and go through a mandatory temperature check. These are part of the check-in process. 

Sanitizing gels are available all through the hotel and all guests are required to maintain at least 5 feet distance from each other during their stay. Medical services are available 24X7 and all guests are provided with a complete personal hygiene kit. In addition, all TV sets in the facilities will air a special informative TV channel on health and safety standards. 

Utmost precautions are maintained in food preparation, storage and service (in compliance with FOODCHECK and AGUACHECK Certifications). Also, bars and restaurants are operating at reduced capacities with tables arranged well apart from each other.

All the safety, cleanliness and hygiene standards are also meticulously observed at all public and entertainment areas. Pools and pool areas are also regularly and frequently disinfected in accordance with POOLCHECK Certification and proper distancing measures are also observed in arranging the pool chairs and sunbeds. 

All these measures again bear testimony to Royal Holiday’s position as a global leader in the hospitality sector and its utmost commitment to its guests and members. The hotel and resort personnel will see to the majority of safety and hygiene measures so that you can relax and enjoy your vacation without the least bit of worry. 

For detailed information on Royal Holiday Safe Guest Program, we strongly recommend that you visit this web page Although the article talks about health safety measures being taken at Mexico Park Royal Hotels & Resorts, the same program has been implemented in all other Royal Holiday destinations that have been made open to the guests.