Members Of The Royal Holiday Vacation Club Can Discover Any Part Of World

Royal Holiday Vacation Club was created to offer countless travel destinations to travelers and vacationers. This club is the best ally for every trip planner as members can call the trip agent and make the most of the best rates for flights, transports, car rentals, tours, and attractions. They can choose their favorite discovery points from 180 available destinations in 52 countries.

Reliable Business Model 

The business model of the Royal Holiday vacation club is based on time-sharing and the use of membership credits. A member can accumulate membership points over time and then use those credits to book some luxurious accommodations and pay for the amenities during their world discovery tours. Members of the club get a chance to stay at luxurious spots around the world. Members freeze vacation costs for many years so that they don’t have to experience the burden of inflation when they plan to book travel accommodations.

They can pick the best resting place at their favorite destination by tapping either on Club resorts or affiliated resorts. With a 30-year membership guarantee, a member can enjoy peace of mind that a resort will be available while they explore the world.

Countless Traveling Destinations 

Royal Holiday Vacation Club always offers a fun-filled traveling experience to its members, who can choose from 180 destinations in more than 52 countries of the world. Whether a member is interested in exploring Islands in Cancun and wants to set a fun-filled kids trip to Disney World, multiple Royal Holiday resorts would offer luxurious accommodation to members and their lovely families. Adventure trip planning won’t be a big challenge anymore. A friendly club team member guides every person to the best accommodations and fascinating destinations where they can visit alongside family and friends.

For providing a royal travel experience to its members, the club has joined hands with Resort Condominiums International (RCI). This team helps the club to expand its property network and add thousands of villas, penthouse, resorts, and other properties to its network. Through this partnership, the club can open the doors of more than 6000 affiliated resorts for its members in almost 100 countries worldwide.

Membership Benefits

If a traveler becomes a Royal Holiday Vacation Club member, they can choose their favorite destination from over 180 destinations. A member can book the best hotel in any destination of their choice. They can redeem their membership credits to book a hotel, resort, villa, or condos. By exchanging their membership credits, they can live in luxury during their travels.

Members receive benefits for thirty whole years. Unlike other clubs, where membership credits expire after one year, this Vacation club is different. In case a member doesn’t use their holiday credits for one year, 100% of the credits roll over to the following year. Members can either use their accumulated holiday credits or buy credits to book larger rooms and enjoy their trips with guests. 

Freedom and Flexibility

Becoming a member of the Royal Holiday Vacation Club is indeed the right choice if a person desires to see the world in luxury. Total freedom is available to members, who can roll over unused credits or let the club rent them for you. The Club has a dedicated team of 3000 members who try to make the member traveling experience super delightful by maintaining the highest member service standards.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club offers a wide variety of membership plans, from simple features at the bronze level to several upgraded benefits at gold status. Do you want to discover the world without spending all of your savings? Become a member of this club and start preparing for your next dream trip.