Investigate the Refinery Island in Pulau Sambu Batam

Marine tourism is a vital tourism activity in Batam. Batam is an island surrounded by several islands across from it. Some islands may be untouched and should be explored and exposed. Most of the islands have beautiful beaches in Batam, but besides the beach, there is also an island with a history. And that you are also interesting to research. Now, allow me to present you among the historic islands of Batam.

Sambu Island Batam, Oil Refinery Island

In the following guide, I will show you one of the countless islands in Batam, Pulau Sambu Batam. This island has a background before the island of Batam was inhabited, this island is much more lively than Batam. Why? Pulau Sambu Batam is an oil storage tank with Royal Dutch Shell from 1927.

Following the “Operation Dwikora” of the Indonesian Government in 1965, the refinery managed by the Shell Company was shot down by Pertamina and immediately handled by the authorities. You will see huge storage tanks on Sambu Island Batam, even at Sekupang International Ferry Terminal.

This island can be found north of Batam Island, closest to Singapore, precisely in the Sekupang area. To continue here, we have to use a small boat known as a bead in the neighborhood. There is no industrial transportation to continue there. Just visit Sekupang Harbor to launch your beheading to Sambu Island, Batam.

However, Sekupang Port is different from the Sekupang International Ferry terminal. However, the place is close, just beside the ferry terminal. Towards the main entrance to the ferry terminal, I took the time to visit Sekupang Harbor.

The cost of beheading is IDR 15,000 (June 2016) per individual and it will take about 15 minutes to reach Sambu Island Batam. Be aware that this will be free for seafarers, there may be changes for foreigners, as specialists or authorities do not handle it. This means that the beheading is private land so there is no legal levy whatsoever.

Once we reach Sambu Harbor, we need to get permission from safety before exploring the island. Usually, they tell customers to avoid rather than enter empty houses, for example, refineries, unless special permission is given.

It turns out that there are abandoned and empty houses on this island. Almost the entire island population was relocated to Batam Island after the refinery ceased operations in the 90s. It was estimated that at that time, there were about a hundred inhabitants.

Batam Bamboo Island Atmosphere

Due to the extremely low population, the air was completely silent. Yet, to be precise, calm for this silence, not much action, not many individuals. Really beautiful place to escape the ordinary, just enjoy the view and the atmosphere.

There is a beautiful mosque on the mountain. Here is the only mosque on the island, Masjid Al Muhajirin, which means “those who migrate.” The construction structure remains strong with stunning green and yellow colors.

Sambu Island Batam, Masjid Al Muhajirin

Along the coast, there are abandoned and abandoned houses that I suggested earlier. We were not allowed to enter or move near the places, probably for safety reasons, as most of the places were built with wood and abandoned for decades.

The scene here is quite beautiful. From the horizon, you can see Singapore with its famous milestone, Marina Bay. Close enough, you can see Singapore clearly, unless the weather is not good. Sambu Island Batam includes beaches and is very beautiful. The path on the beach is covered by coconut trees and will protect you from the sun. In addition to the sea breeze and the sound of the ocean waves, the song will accompany your own search.

Sambu Island Batam

In addition, there are cherry trees everywhere on the island. However, please don’t try to accept it without consent. To return to Batam Island, then we have to return to Sambu Harbor and then wait for the beheading. Please note that the bead is not accessible all the time, so it will take some time to wait until the next bead can be obtained. It is recommended to order the beheading with the same owner as before to prevent delays up front.

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