Royal Holiday Vacation Club Sanitation And Safety: A Holistic Safety Package Safeguarding Your Health

In the wake of the current global pandemic, COVID-19, nearly all sectors in the world economy have been adversely affected. Various businesses are altering their operations with others changing their line of operation and services delivery to survive the current tides in the market. Reorganization and installation of critical structures that ensure the safety of the customers, employees, and other stakeholders remains an excellent recipe for success in the present market. Customers and employees can only interact well with guaranteed safety and wellness in various settings.

For instance, the hospitality sector needs the stakeholders to invest adequately in safeguarding the health of the guests and employees. Being conscious of such facts, the management of Park Royal Hotels and Resorts has adopted a comprehensive Royal Holiday Vacation Club Sanitation and Safety program to ensure a safe environment for everyone.

The Park Royal Hotels and Resorts welcome back their esteemed guests under heightened hygiene and excellent sanitation standards. The management of the hotel has partnered with the leading multinational Cristal International Standard from Britain to establish proper hygiene, security, and high-quality standards. Park Royal also incorporates the use of quality ECOLAB products to ensure excellent Sanitation and disinfection of all surfaces.

Working closely with Cristal International Standards and Ecolab, Park Royal has developed a new Safe Guest Program geared towards ensuring peace of mind and confidence when planning future vacations. The program reinforces the already existing Park Royal safety measures with quality certifications from Cristal International Standards. It comprises five key aspects of the hotel that safeguard the health of the guests, employees, and other members through routine audits.

The Safe Guest Program aims to equip the employees with the knowledge to use the hygiene protocol and procedures in five areas that include: Public areas, Guest rooms, Food and Beverages, Water systems, and Pools. Cristal International Standard conducts a thorough routine audit on each of these areas and issue certification after ascertaining the relevant area meets that required Sanitation and safety standards.

Post check certification from Cristal International Standards provides for proper Sanitation of all stations at entry points with quality antibacterial gel from Ecolab products. At the reception and all other areas that guests are likely to congregate, Park Royal management will always ensure they keep social distancing of at least 5ft. This move eliminates the likelihood of physical contact that may predispose guests or employees to the novel Coronavirus.

Room check certification ensures that guests rest and relax in a thoroughly disinfected room while enjoying staying in the hotel. The certification requires each room to have a complete personal hygiene kit with quality cleaning products. The Ecolab collaboration ensures the kits contain highly effective disinfectants and hygiene products for all the guests.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club Sanitation and Safety program guarantees an enjoyable stay for the guests. Through the program, the workers have been trained to use Ecolab products to disinfect and sanitize chairs, cots, and tables after every use. The hotel has also set stringent measures to ensure the guests attain the minimum of 5ft social distancing at the pools and beaches.

Additionally, the Safe Guest Program incorporates measures to safeguard the health of guests when having meals at the restaurant or any other designated areas. There is proper cleaning and disinfecting of digital and physical menus to ensure they are free of microbes. The management at the Park Royal Hotels has put enough effort to achieve relevant social distances between tables. The employees are always ready to clean and disinfect the tables and the seat after every service. All these measures are aimed at making every area free of disease-causing microbes, including the SARS-COV2.

The Royal Holiday Vacation Club Sanitation and Safety program aims to prioritize the safety of the guests from the time they check in until exit. Proper Sanitation, disinfection, and adequate social distancing are the critical aspects in controlling the spread to the COVID-19. Park Royal hotels have proven to put all the measures in place as it gladly resumes operations under strict adherence to health and safety measures.