Taking Ayahuasca in Peru: «Moyano» Ancestral Amazonian Medicine Ceremony Tour

The ultimate ayahuasca can be had in Peru.   For the layman, the ayahuasca is an Amazonian plant drink which is made from the banisteriopsis caapi and psychotria viridis. The plant drink is made from the plant leaves and stalks and has been used as a healing potion for centuries. Of late, it has created a miracle in the medical market for ailments such as cancer, rheumatism and even substance addictions. So read the rest of the article to know more details about the same

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So it is of prime importance that you make arrangements accordingly and look up all relevant information regarding ayahuasca online.  The Peru retreats are well equipped with all kinds of modern facilities and healing therapies prior to the ayahuasca ceremony. It includes yoga workshops, floral baths and breathing techniques to enhance concentration. This is the reason that you should take time in choosing your order of the retreat which has an excellently trained staff, compassionate and knowledgeable shamans and medical teams. You can take the Airport Express Lima to the jungle retreats of remote Peru. It is far cheaper, safer and convenient luxury bus if you are going from Lima airport. It has Wi-Fi that is free of charge and charges for USB on board. You can also carry as much luggage as you like. These yage sessions are best conducted under the guidance of a trained shaman and can be psychologically very challenging and soul awakening.  However, although many have come away feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, others may have extremely traumatic experiences. The onset or purging is synonymous to cleansing out the negative energy within through nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and dizziness. For many it can be overwhelming and horrifying but this is one of the effects of taking this medical brew.

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Picking out the best resort can be quite a task but the Peruvian retreats are renowned for their superlative services. So once you reach there, you can be assured of all sorts of medical and mental help prior to being given the medical drink.  These yage rituals are mostly conducted at night with a group of about twenty people maximum. The healer sits in the middle of the circle and starts the ceremony with special prayer for overall protection. Each participant is given a pail for assistance if he feels sick. Then the ceremony opens with the dosage of the drink and singing of sacred songs or icaros to call upon the healing spirits which heralds the onset. So, it is no wonder that learning hub for all-things ayahuasca is the ultimate.