The Importance of Eid in the Maldivian Culture

For most of us, traveling to a new destination is hardly complete without the chance to sample an unknown culture, taste its cuisine and interact with the locals. Experiencing Eid in Maldives should be on the bucket list for any traveler.

Ramadan is celebrated here with fervor, with the locals observing their fast from daybreak till sundown.Eateries are closed during the daylight hours, although the high-end hotels sometimes offer screened eating areas forthe tourists.

The streets are deserted during the day, with the locals choosing to stay indoors,resting, watching movies and waiting for the evening to arrive. This results in deserted beaches, although, you cannot consume refreshments on the beach.

Spending A Day During the Holy Month of Ramazan in the Maldives:

Evenings are usually lively, with people coming out to eat, drink, pray and shop together. Communities gather around to cook meals together,talk,eat, drink and party till dawn, after which the cycle continues.

The Maldives has been following Islam strictly since the 10th Century,so Eid is the perfect time for travelers to experience the real Maldivian culture. The local people celebrate numerous festivals with great joy and fervor on the islands.

As the holy month of Ramdan comes to a close, the Muslim community starts preparing for the next full moon. The event is celebrated by huge community gathering,with the beating of drums and other social events over a three-day period celebrating Eid-Ul-Fitr.

Experiencing Eid in Maldives:

The men and women gather at the mosque early in the morning to pray, while a feast is prepared in every house where friends, family and relatives are invited to break bread. Eid in Maldives is celebrated differently from the rest of the world, as the traditions here have trickled down over the generations.

Cultural dances, VedhumaDhiun, Boduberu and Maali are some of the activities that the islanders will never miss. While Eid gifts, known as Eidi are given out to children and relatives. While the women clean and decorate the house, dress up in their best clothes and apply henna on their hands, the men wear new white clothes.

Eid in Maldives is a grand festival that people should experience at least once in their lifetime. If you are interested in spending your next Eid vacation in the island nation, grab the best package deals exclusively on OVholidays.