Why Three Pass Trek Is One Of Its Kinds For Adventure Lovers?

The idea of going on for the Three Pass Trek is gaining a lot of popularity these days after it got featured on several international websites and well-known magazines. It is one of the most difficult and less crowded trekking areas. It is because although a great percentage of travelers do visit the base camp of Everest, there are a handful of hikers who opt for the route of three passes trekking. Well, if you want to get a vivid idea and assistance regarding the Everest Base Camp Trek Difficulty and this route, you can seek help from trekking service providers like NEST Adventures.

The Three Pass Trek is basically a high altitude based trekking plan across the three most high valleys in Nepal. The route of this trek does meet with the standard Everest Base Camp trek route. The entire adventure includes a number of popular destinations of Nepal, including the EBC, the famous Gokyo Lake and GokyoRi, Kalapatthar and the three passes based on which they make of the Trek are given- the Khongmola Pass, CholaPaas and Ramjola Pass.

Attractive Highlights of Three Pass Trek

Well, the popular trek across the three passes of Nepal is basically one of the most remote and off beaten paths in the region of Everest. Due to the intensity of Everest Base Camp Trek difficulty, hardly a few trekkers opt for this route.

However, as there is a very minimum amount of crowd, you can actually enjoy the amazing scenery and heart throbbing views. This trail is actually surrounded by the four highest mountains including Mt.Everest. The entire journey has an average height of 5,000 meters in terms of altitude.

The entire trek in this path offers a lot of side trips too. The entire trip follows a proper circuit so that the trekking experience becomes worth. This great route us a part of the Great Himalayan Trail, popularly known as the GHT. It is considered as the longest single distance of trekking trail running roughly from the eastern to the western end of Nepal. Coming to exact distance, it ranges around 1,700 km.

The trek in this area is regarded as a difficult one with a grade of 9 out of 10 in terms of difficulty. If you are planning to go in for trek in this area, it is recommended to seek assistance from NEST Adventures. Moreover, you also need to be prepared mentally to face the constant changes in the weather conditions and have the physical fitness to walk on melting glaciers and rocks. Although a wonderful experience, the Three Pass Trek can be a difficult one if you are dealing with altitude sickness.