Tips you make your Costa Rica travel a best experience for life

Every nature lover never miss the opportunity of visiting and exploring Costa Rica where the mother nature overflows and makes every visitor jaw drop. This place is a paradise for nature US national park enthusiast. Flora and fauna, exotic beaches and steaming volcanoes makes this place one of a kind and make every nature lover add this place to their bucket list. National Park, wildlife refuge on the country awestruck every traveler and offer best of experience on their life.  Anch is penning down valid advice for those who visits Costa Rica for the first time. Researching before your travel aids makes proper plan and procure best of experience on your life.

Things to know before travelling Costa Rica:

    1. How long it takes to explore: Once you have decided to explore Costa Rica, prepare a plan to stay more than one week. Numerous places in the country makes people agape and make sure you are not missing out anything.  Two or three week travel plan is ideal which offers the time to explore all the places. With one week plan, you will miss exploring various places in the country. 
    2. Budget: Costa Rica is no cheap place to visit. Taxes and fuel on the country is quite costly which makes you spend more money but there is nothing wrong to spend such money to witness the beauty of the country. Estimate the possible cost of exploring the country and make sure it suits your budget. Visiting Costa Rica on summer is quite costly than winter but summer offers best option to explore the country.
    3. Communication: English is widely spoken around the country and communication would be much simple and easier in the country still learning a few on local language offers you hand on hectic situations. Even USD is acceptable around many hotels and shops but make sure they are offering the right exchange value. 
    4. Must visit places: Monteverde and La Fortuna is the two must visit places in the country where outdoor activities relished at best. But both of them are far from each other and thus it takes more to reach those two places. Your Costa Rica travel never gets completed without visiting these two places. If you are running out of time, taking local flights helps reaching those places with short span of time and in less effort. Even the aerial view astonishes every travel and you will never regret for spending such money.


  • Beware of rain: Rain is something common on all the seasons on the country. Even with clear sky and sun straight above head, there may be chances of rain. Packing dry clothes, water resistant materials are highly suggested to the travel. This would help you at many situations. 


  1. Treat your tongue: Never forget to taste the local cuisines. Shrimps are usually costly on the country but worth a try. Local healthy snacks are also a must try in this place. Mouth watering cuisines makes you remember the trip better on your entire life. 

Hope the above mentioned points will be helpful.