Regardless if you’re traveling for business or just for pleasure, you can get your trip off to a great start by trying to avoid this pre-flight faux pas. And to be updated on your flight status and airport information,

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We’ve listed here the common mistakes previous passengers have encountered so you’ll be aware and prepared if you find yourself in such situations.


Not using the lounges

There are numerous existing airline frequent flyer programs out there and it can be confusing on your part on what membership you should sign up with that will give you access to the airport lounges. Please be reminded that you do not need to sign up for several programs. As you enroll in a certain airline alliance program, you will definitely earn as you fly and be able to redeem necessary miles across all of its partner airlines. With that being said, it would definitely be easier for you to have access to several lounges. To give an idea, if you travel to any of SkyTeam’s member airlines, you can earn miles to qualify for Elite Plus benefits which give you access to over 750 loungers worldwide.

Forgetting to accessorize

Make it a habit of placing your liquids inside a zip lock bags before going at the airport to avoid the usual hassle at the security. You may also want to invest in a refillable water bottle since the majority of the airports now have public drinking fountains which allow you to stay hydrated.

Running out of charge

Maybe it also happened to you wherein you are about to send an important email or needs to reply to an urgent matter and suddenly your phone dies. To avoid such disturbance, always keep a fully charged power bank and a lightning cable in your carry-on luggage. It is also an investment if you have with you a compatible portable laptop battery charger that allows charging a laptop when needed. And be sure to keep an adaptor with you to minimize the risk of your laptop dying especially when you need it the most.

Going over your luggage allowance

Always double check your carry-on and checked-in baggage allowance before heading to the airport. And also, don’t forget to factor in the extra weight you might incur as you go back. One of the easiest ways to avoid getting charged for an extra allowance is if you’re a member of a certain airline alliance frequent flyer program and you reach a certain tier that makes you eligible for an additional allowance. Typically, you’ll get an extra 10kg. for free.

Not organizing your paperwork

As you travel by air in a foreign country, it will surely require a certain amount of paperwork, such as visas if any or landing cards. Be organized with your stuff like the forms given out by cabin crew. It is necessary to complete it immediately and place them inside your passport. It is also suggested to keep a pen on hand together with the details of your accommodation and the reference number of visas you’ve already obtained. Being ready with such details will make filling out of your landing card easier before going to the immigration line.

Eating the wrong food

We’re pertaining to the food that will make you feel sluggish and bloated during flights. We recommend sticking with a light meal, inclusive of vegetables, salad, and even lean protein. You must avoid fried food since it takes longer time to digest and can cause bloating and discomfort. And being in the situation is what we are trying to get away.

Getting stuck in queues

It’s really difficult to avoid the unending lines at the airports. However, please be aware that you can minimize your time in them. You can check-in online to avoid the queues at the desk. Another option is to pay for a priority boarding. Frequent travelers who have reached the required member status with an airline alliance might qualify for a free priority boarding.

Not familiarizing yourself with the layout of the airport

Before having your favorite pre-flight meals or going thru shops in the airport, be sure that you know the location of the gate and your proximity to it. You can check the airport maps to familiarize yourself with the layout of the airport and for you to avoid problems as well.


Not expecting the unexpected

You’ll never really know when will the flight be canceled, delayed or even diverted. It’s one of the unpredictable sides of traveling. But there’s no need for you to grumble or panic. If ever you’ll find yourself in such situation and you’re an airline alliance member, they should help you out. To give you an example, if there’s a need to rebook your flight, partner airlines allow passengers to rebook them on the next available partner flight.

Not logging your points effectively

Being a frequent flyer means that you fly with a wide range of airlines. What’s good about it is that you can maximize your points and miles earn and this can save you much money. Before logging in your points with an airline, be sure to sign up first to a frequent flyer program to start earning and redeeming miles which later on can be used to avail certain services or even get a free flight to your desired destination.