The Fascinating Future of Pizza Predicted by Pop Culture

It has been always fascinating for everybody in all ages to look back to the numerous predictions done in the yesteryears on what would happen in the future. Incidentally, some predictions have come true or coincident to the past predictions. However, the projection of the future may be fanciful for many, at the same time, are meant for those who accept it positively with a useful perspective. Eventually, some writers have been proved to hit closer to the projection or prediction which happened because of their mathematical and logical calculations. Some of such projections are pizza aspects which are fascinating and fanciful, but at the same time have sufficient ground. For example, the projection of pizza delivery in the future can be associated with drone technology. Get associated with the best pizza producer and taste your delicious DoublePizza with all the unique delivery services.

In order to ponder over some of the past projection relating pizza, let’s take a look at a few cases. In 1989 the “Back to the Future” sequel took the McFly family to the future year 2015 when the kid wore headsets at the dinner table that is like Google Glass-style along with dual neckties. Mum then unwraps a small pizza hut pie for dinner and keeps it into the Black and Decker Food Hydrator that is voice-controlled. Just a few seconds, and a big steaming hot pizza is ready. Amazingly, the microwave pizzas came to the market a few years later but was confined to individual portions and not for the family-sized dinners. Until now, the dehydrated food is basically for the astronauts and campers.

The second instance may be the 1993 film “Demolition Man” where Wesley Snipes and Sylvester Stallone got cryogenically frozen in 1996 and eventually defrosted after 36 years. As per the film, the only restaurant which survived the franchise wars was Pizza Hut in 2032 and this was the only option for dining. However, in the original US release version of the movie, this was not Pizza Hut, but it was Taco Bell. The Taco Bell was replaced by Pizza Hut because of the fact that pizza has a better global recognition than its counterpart.

There are many other future projections about pizza besides the above films like “Pizza for Breakfast” Evelyn Zemke’s writing in Chicago Tribune Sunday Magazine for the edition of September 13-1959 where the description of the daily grind of the hurried housewife in 2000 has no doubt come amazingly true.