What are the Special Dishes Available in Greece?


If you are going for food tour Greece, pride yourself on understanding your red wine. Do not restrict yourself to simply a glass of retsina, as a few of the very best glass of wines in the world are generated here in Greece. Besides, it was Homer who covered ‘the wine-dark sea’ and that rowdy old god, Dionysus, who designed red wine.

Enjoy eating like the Greeks favorite dishes.

  • FETA: A traditional salted curd cheese that can go well with every recipe. Appreciate it plain, with a little olive oil as well as oregano, with newly baked bread, with a choriatiki salad either in the oven or on the grill, with cheese pies or tomato thawed as a salad dressing.
  • CHORIATIKI: We’re chatting actual Greek standard salad here, the main dish where tomato fulfills cucumber, environment-friendly onion, pepper, feta cheese, oregano, and olive oil.
  • TZATZIKI: Yoghurt, cucumber as well as lots of garlic. Prevent if you have a warm date.
  • SOUVLAKI PITA: The king of souvlaki. Pork, lamb or chicken brochette wrapped in pitta in between tomato, tzatziki, onion, and sometimes fries.
  • KALAMAKI: The vice chairman of souvlaki, it is full of simplicity. Pork, beef or chicken brochette grilled and sprinkled with oregano, salt, and lemon.
  • GYROS: Pork meat vertically roasted and then cut into slim pieces, offered with barbequed pitta as well as tzatziki or covered as souvlaki.
  • MOUSSAKA: The name is Arabic (musaqa); however, the dish of split aubergine, hamburger and with a thick topping of bechamel sauce tomato is oven-baked is completely Greek.
  • DOLMADAKIA: Fresh creeping plant leaves embracing rice, usually accompanied by hamburger, and spices. It is served usually in olive oil and lemon or special mustard sauce.
  • MEZEH: A common term for small sections of Greek munchies, hot or chilly.
  • FAVA: Yellow, cozy, flawlessly boiled fava beans that go splendidly with olive oil, lemon as well as chopped onion.
  • DAKOS: Traditional hard wheat bread was taken in water, olive oil and vinegar, and covered with juicy red tomato, fallen apart feta cheese and oregano.
  • HORTA: A common term for boiled green served with olive oil and lemon with a slice of feta on the side.
  • SAGANAKI: Yellow cheese, fried to perfection till crisp on the outside with a piece of lemon.
  • SPANAKOPITA: Traditional feta cheese and Spinach in layers of thin filo dough.
  • TARAMOSALATA: Fish roe mixed with boiled potatoes or olive oil, moistened breadcrumbs, and lemon juice
  • YEMISTA: Tomatoes, peppers, courgette and aubergine packed with rice, natural herbs as well as raisins are then oven baked.
  • PASTICHIO: Ground meat filling, Spinach, and an abundant creamy bechamel sauce topping.
  • SCORDALIA: Thick garlic as well as potato puree, which generally accompanies deep-fried fish.

There are other dishes available in Greece, but not mentioned here because the scope of this article.