5 Common Questions About Air Miles Answered

Although you might be aware of the existence of airline rewards programs, you may not know about all the features of the rewards program and how best to avail the benefits of the program. Knowing about air miles and ways to accrue and redeem them can help you save you money and get the most out of your flight bookings.

Here are a few questions often asked about air miles

  • Is Flying the Only Way to Earn Air Miles?

Many still have the misconception that only frequent travellers can earn air miles and do not enrol in the programs if they fly occasionally. Apart from flying with an airline partner, there are many ways you can collect air miles which include

  • Co-brand Cards: Applying for a co-brand card can help you accumulate miles and give you benefits such as baggage privileges, discounts on airfares and complimentary tickets.
  • Hotel Stay: You can accrue air miles by choosing to book hotels through partner booking websites and staying in hotel chains that are partners of the airlines.
  • Bill Payments and Shopping: Purchasing at retail stores or online shopping partners can also help in earning air miles. Buying gift cards, magazine subscriptions, mobile bill payments, and recharge are some of the ways to accrue miles.
  • Lifestyle and Dining: You can collect air miles by eating out at partner restaurants or booking a spa session. Going on exciting tours and trails can also earn you miles.
  • Car Rentals and Fuel: Renting cars and refilling fuel at partner fuel stations are easy ways to collect air miles. Make sure to mention your membership number while filling fuel to accumulate miles.
  • Can I Use Air Miles for Only Booking Flights?

You might think that air miles do not matter because you do not have any travel plans and therefore cannot redeem the miles. However, there are several other ways you can spend your air miles which including but not limited to;

  • Rewards Store: You can use your air miles to buy gifts or gadgets from the selection of items available at the online rewards store.
  • Fuel: Select reward programs allow you to redeem your air miles at partner fuel outlets by mentioning your rewards membership number at the time of payment.
  • Hotel Bookings: Your air miles can be used to book hotel rooms at your favourite travel destinations. Log on to the airline’s website and search for hotels specifying your travel dates to redeem your air miles.
  • Does Air Miles Equal Actual Miles?

It is understandable why you may be confused about how many miles of free travel you can get with your air miles. Your extent of benefit will depend on the airline because different airlines have different redemption policies. Go to your airline website to find out how much your air miles are really worth in terms of flight bookings.

If your airline does not fly in a particular route, you can also use your air miles to book flights with airline partners. Air miles can also be used for upgrading your flight tickets.

  • When Should I Redeem Air Miles?

If you have a specific plan like accrual of miles for a vacation, then it is advisable to collect miles until you reach the goal. You may be able to spend your air miles on a wide range of things if you have more miles at your disposal. However, it is important to remember that air miles have expiry dates.

Hoarding air miles can result in wasting those miles if you don’t redeem them on time. Therefore, once you have accumulated enough miles, spend it for refuelling or booking flights before the expiry date.

  • Can I Give My Air Miles to Others?

Gifting or transferring your air miles is an excellent option to use your miles. You can gift or transfer to family and friends as long as they are also members of the airline rewards program. This can be extremely helpful in case your air miles are about to expire, and you do not have an immediate use for them.

Most airline companies have digitized facilities making the transfer process effortless. JP Miles, for example, can be gifted or transferred online and the beneficiary can see their account credited with the air miles within 48 hours.

Airline Rewards Programs can be a great way to earn points for the money you spend on hotel and flight bookings. By understanding the optimal way to earn and redeem points, you can get maximum advantage out of the rewards programs.