Traveler Guide to Reach Baga Beach without taking any misroutes

Baga Beach in Goa is one of the most popular beaches with the attraction of stretched sandy shores. Most of the travelers to Baga beach get confused to reach the destination by taking the misroutes. You must know the exact location of the Baga beach to reach the right destination. 

The beach is located between the Baga River in the North and Calangute beach in the south. You can come from both the northern and southern side of Goa to reach the Baga beach. Read more this article to get the right way to reach the Baga beach to start your trip to Baga beach.

The exact location of the Baga beach

From the state capital, you can reach the Baga beach from traveling through Panaji which is situated 16 km from the beach and Mapusa situated at 9 km from Baga beach. Through this way, you can attain the northern side of the Baga beach. Sometimes, for tourists, it is hard to pinpoint the Baga beach exactly where it is. 

How to Get There (Baga beach)?

The railway station of Thivim is closest to the Baga beach. You can rent luxury villas in goa which is located at the center for the beach and railway station. You can take a local taxi to reach the Baga beach without any location hassle. If you rent an automobile it may take you to get confused on the path towards Baga beach. 

The right time to go Baga beach

Throughout the year, the weather at Baga beach is warm. During the day time, the temperature of the census will be comparatively higher than night time. Especially, visiting the beach in the winter night gives the breeze of chill climate and fresh air. So at the time of winter nights, more population will be surrounded on the villas in north goa beach. You can reach the destination even though you take misroutes.

Baga beach diving spots

Across the way of Baga beach, you can find some baga diving beach spots and companies to take you for sea diving. Make that as a landmark to reach the destination of luxury villas in goa Baga beach. You can find huge water parks which are close to the Baga beach. When you need to experience the nightlife of Baga beach you can find party spots and modern music concerts for partygoers. 

Echoing things for Baga beach

No matter whether it is day time or night time, the beach will be surrounded by a huge number of people. In the entire beach, there is full of fun, color, pomp, and activities will be available. Not only those activities there are many shopping markets and traditional cuisines, villas in north goa are available around the place to echo the significance of landmark Baga beach. 

Final thought

Make use of the aforementioned details as the best source to reach the destination of Baga beach. Even appointing the local taxi driver will take you at every goa destination beaches. Make your time valuable by avoiding misroutes.