Ways to Go From Bangkok Airport to Sukhumvit

There are many different ways to go to Sukhumvit, and today we will have a lovely guide on how you can get there from the airport in Bangkok. Let’s get down to business!

When deciding how to travel around Bangkok, you will be pleased to know that there are 4 ways to get to Sukhumvit. There are many different transport methods to send you from the airport to Sukhumvit.

Types of Different Transportation Methods to Get Around Bangkok

When relating to the different ways to wander around Bangkok, today, we are just using the top 4 ways to get to Sukhumvit. It is simple, and it is also hassle-free!

Bangkok Rail Link 

You might get excited when you travel on trains from Bangkok Airport to Sukhumvit, but it is just another adventure. Taking the rail link is another way to get in and out of the airport quickly.

You do not have to worry about costly airport parking and high-priced train fares, but the transport is generally cheap and clean. The experts allow you to watch Bangkok’s splendid scenery from the window.


There are 4 ways to get to Sukhumvit and one of the best is by taxi. If it is too early or too late, don’t get a cab to the airport, especially if you commute to Bangkok. Why? Because the traffic could be better!

When moving around Bangkok, the taxi should be the last resort. It is slow and costly. You also spend a lot of time in the traffic. You also have to pay extra if there is a delay in the traffic as well.

If you wonder if the prices are too high, use an app called Bolt. It is a motorbike taxi that will go through the traffic. However, play safe and use a helmet! Safety will come first!


When thinking of different ways to go from Bangkok Airport to Sukhumvit, you can try out using the MRT. It is a type of subway that you can find underground in Bangkok. Moreover, it is also clean and relatively efficient at reasonable prices.

Moreover, it is also easy to navigate. Only two lines are filled with more than 53 stations across Bangkok.

The blue line will take you in a circular route all across the city, while the purple line will go towards Nonthaburi. The red line will send you to Chaling Tan.

These MRT subway trains come every 5-7 minutes and connect the Sukhumvit to the Silom station. Before you feel tired, you will start learning about the different modes of transport lines at Bangkok Airport.

BTS Skytrain

Bangkok is also famous for its BTS Sky Train. Have you never heard from it before? Don’t worry! It is rather lovely public transportation in Bangkok! It is clean and fast, and you can watch the whole of Bangkok go by.

You go by relatively fast but need help getting everywhere in the city through the BTS Skytrain. It is still one of the 4 ways to get to Sukhumvit. There are a lot of tourist attractions when you are having a holiday in Bangkok, but using a BTS or an MRT will contact you to your destination all the same!


Like the guide above? Read more for similar guides! I hope you had fun exploring different transport methods in Bangkok!