Hike the Sparkling Blue Gem of the Blue Mountains: The Jubilee Lake Trail

Want to go on a brief but delightful hike with picnics and water activities? Jubilee Lake is your final destination. The Jubilee Lake Trail, located about an hour and a half from Walla Walla, is a 3-mile loop that is flat and even. This attractive outdoor activity is suitable for novice hikers or families.

The lake can become crowded on summer weekends, although most people congregate on the west side, where they can easily access the parking lot and boat launch for their picnics. Once you reach the lake’s most eastern side, the trail that circles it still offers serene locations with picturesque water and forest views.

Reduce the three-mile trek around the lake without detracting from the experience.

From the parking area, the quickest way to access the north side of the lake is to take the trail that heads left. The trail becomes slightly less level as it swings to the right toward the lake’s southern shore, but it maintains solid footing the entire way. In both directions, the paved trail segment ends at 0.5 miles. The unpaved road that lies ahead is covered with pine needles and shows evidence of heavy use. All that is required is to keep an eye out for the occasional tree root.

If you are approaching the lake from the south, you will discover a rope swing just past the Mottet Creek dam and spillway. Those traveling two miles from the north will reach the rope swing. It is a wonderful way to spend quality time with your older children if you bring them here. Request that they bring several towels and wear a swimsuit underneath their clothes.

A smaller, rockier trail forks off to the east from the rope swing, providing an alternative for those seeking excitement without the risk of plunging into a chilly alpine lake. This unmarked trail leads to a high meadow where the entire eastern Wallowa Mountains can be observed. Wildflowers will bloom if you visit in late June or early July. This trail does not reconnect with the Jubilee Lake Trail but continues south to connect with Forest Service roads. Return to the main Jubilee Lake Trail after going as far as you need to see the mountains.

The lake can be circumnavigated in less than one hour if you walk briskly or in less than two hours if you stroll. Consequently, why do you rush to travel here by car? The lake’s shores are dotted with numerous day-use sites. Even though the hike will be relatively short and easy, you should bring a daypack and picnic supplies. Allow yourself ample time to unwind at the shore at any destination of your choosing.

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